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Bronchodilator/expectorant that provides temporary relief of mild intermittent asthma symptoms

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25 mg ephedrine / 200 mg guaifenesin: box of 24 count tablets


Discover EPHED Plus® – the fast-acting, effective, temporary asthma treatment – without a prescription. EPHED Plus® tablets are the hottest-selling ephedrine asthma treatment product on the market today, helping people breathe easier.

With DMD Pharmaceuticals’ proven dual-acting formula – a combination of a bronchodilator and expectorant – our EPHED Plus® non-prescription asthma medication, provides temporary relief of mild intermittent asthma symptoms including:

  • shortness of breath
  • tightness of chest
  • wheezing
  • excessive phlegm (mucus)

EPHED Plus® thins bronchial secretions to rid bronchial passageways of bothersome mucus and makes coughs more productive.

EPHED Plus® asthma medication tablets are offered in two formulas dependent on state regulations: 25 mg ephedrine HCl and 200 mg guaifenesin, and 12.5 mg ephedrine HCl.

* For 25 mg ephedrine, there is a purchase limit of 6 boxes per day. 

* For 25 mg ephedrine, there is a purchase limit of 6 boxes per month.

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12.5 mg ephedrine / 200 mg guaifenesin: box of 24 count tablets, 25 mg ephedrine / 200 mg guaifenesin: box of 24 count tablets

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Reviews (84)

84 reviews for EPHED PLUS® TABLETS (25mg)

  1. Beckett G-C

    This is exactly the same formula as old Primatene tablets used to be, which are no longer available, but a lifesaver to those of us with asthma. So happy to have found it.

  2. Jasonmoody

    I’m going to try this for the first time I hope it’s as powerful as all say it is if so I will be a life time buyer an send you guys as much more people in colorado I’ll be happy to put this on the map for you in colorado so as soon as I get it I’ll rewrite my review.

  3. Jeannie Johnston (verified owner)

    Best product ever

  4. TinaConfer (verified owner)

    Very effective I breathe so much better

  5. TinaConfer (verified owner)

    Very effective

  6. Tina

    Very effective

  7. Teri (verified owner)

    My job constantly keeps me on my feet. So I use my inhaler probably more than I thought. Now on an overly stressful day this product works great for me. I love the service and the product. Teri

  8. Lee Charles

    Hope it works well for my breathing

  9. Debbie Koss

    Excellent in all areas!! T Y

  10. Gary Glasson

    Excellent results,no shortness of breath,it’s fantastic when you’re feeling less than 100%

  11. Gary Glasson

    Excellent results,no shortness of breath

  12. Tammy (verified owner)

    I have asthma and at times when it starts getting bad, this feels like a life saver, it opens my airway so that I can breathe better especially during these times that we have to where the masks and I get feeling like I Can’t Breathe! I have taken this for years as needed and I am so glad to have it when needed! Great Product!

  13. Marilyn Schmidt


  14. Marilyn Schmidt

    5 stars

  15. Derick Smith

    6 box

  16. Scott Karolczak

    Rude woman answers phone. Screw this company. Will take my business elsewhere.

  17. Delois barga

    I’m visting my brother in North Carolina and can’t travel back home and would like to order this product and have it sent here

  18. Delois barga

    I’m visting my brother in North Carolina and can travel back home and would like to order this product and have it sent here

  19. Tony Soblewski

    Helps me breathe when my chest is tight. Wonderful product that works better than anything I’ve tried before! Thank you Thank you

  20. Chris McGuire (verified owner)

    Excellent company, and product.

  21. Scott cary (verified owner)

    Just wondering when my item is going to be shipped

  22. Betty


  23. Roll tide 4610

    Reminds me of the days back in 2003! Great product! Easy transaction! Fast reliable shipping , breath easier, no congestion and works great before hitting the gym! Love it!

  24. Monica campbell

    Works wonderfully.

  25. Christy wallace


  26. Christy wallace


  27. Hilda Carrillo


  28. Karen (verified owner)

    I can’t breath in the Florida heat without this life saving pill. Thanks DMD!

  29. Billie murdocj

    Very effective products

  30. Debi (verified owner)

    How do I change the state if I picked the wrong one

  31. Cynthia Lee (verified owner)


  32. Frank (verified owner)

    I am a smoker who is trying desperately to quit and during this trying to quit process I came across these. It completely clears up my lungs and I can breathe good. Thank you!

  33. Cynthia L Lee


  34. Cynthia L Lee


  35. Cynthia L Lee


  36. hmichelle024 (verified owner)

    I used these in the 90’s -2000’s. Then the store I used to buy from no longer carried them .Found an old order form whenever I purchased them late 2000’s and slip came with order .I forgot all about your company until 2 weeks ago getting into an old file cabinet .To my surprise your company still exsists and am looking forward to feeling better once I receive my order . I cannot wait to be able to have a more active life.

  37. Thomas Marquis

    GreT meds

  38. Hake Reese

    Great product

  39. Ann Barga

    Best for breathingi lve in indiana and am visiting NC don’t know where to buy it here

  40. Ann Barga

    Best for breathing

  41. Delois Barda

    I have taken this product off and on for awhile and it’s as effective as any other weight loss product

  42. Ann Barga

    I live in indiana but am visting my brother for a few weeks in nc can I get ephedrine 25 mg sent hete whete I am I left mine at home in indiana

  43. Ann barga

    I take this to breath better and left it at home in indiana where I buy it this is a good product and I want to buy it while I’m here visiting family for a few weeks and don’t want to return he just to get it

  44. Ann

    I’m visiting from indiana and left ephedrine 25 mg at home I’m in North Carolina can I order a box

  45. Connie Oleary (verified owner)

    Love this product.

  46. D Hoskins (verified owner)

    Helps Breathing…

  47. D Hoskins (verified owner)


  48. D Hoskins (verified owner)


  49. David Hoskins (verified owner)

    Helps Breathing.

  50. David Hoskins (verified owner)

    Helps breathing

  51. Esteban

    Loved taking these when they were easier to get. They open up the lungs. Smoke a fat joint about 45 minutes after taking 75 mg. It triples the high and makes it last much longer while suppressing the “munchies”. Great Stuff!

  52. Jeffery Cross

    Great product. A must for those out of shape, and trying to get back in shape.

  53. Jorge (verified owner)

    Very effective product. Great organization; prompt-expert service.

  54. Bob Ricci (verified owner)

    This product has eliminated my shortness of breath completely. On top of that excellent benefit it also has made me more energetic. I’d recommend this product to ANYONE looking to be able to breath better. I took my wife to the ER during a severe asthma attack. They told me “it isn’t sold anymore but the best product for this issue is ephedrine. This product “hits the nail on the head” so to speak. THANK YOU!

  55. Anna Peterson

    im so happy i found this

  56. Stephen Vaughn (verified owner)

    The Best!

  57. Nikki Bagwill (verified owner)

    I have COPD and I don’t have to use the inhalers as much and I don’t catch a cold

  58. Connie oleary (verified owner)

    Great products

  59. Connie oleary (verified owner)

    Great products.

  60. Connie Oleary (verified owner)

    Great product. Helps me with my breathing.

  61. Christine Prince (verified owner)

    Very good

  62. rick daniels

    Great for breathing helps me alot

  63. Rebecca White (verified owner)

    This stuff works, especially during allergy season.

  64. Keith Wilkerson

    Great product

  65. robert piazza

    works very well

  66. robert piazza

    great product

  67. Connie Oleary (verified owner)

    Products really help me. .

  68. Connie Oleary (verified owner)

    Wonderful company.

  69. Connie Oleary (verified owner)

    Nice company.

  70. Connie Oleary (verified owner)

    Love this company. .

  71. Jay (verified owner)

    Nothing works better

  72. Ed (verified owner)

    The best I found that help’s me breathe, This product allows me to have my life back

  73. Nancy Esquivel

    I’m happy that I can be able to have an important med to help my asthma in case is needed.

  74. Connie

    Glad i found this. Have been to 3 doctors trying to just be able to breathe. This product is the only thing that i have found to work for me. Thank you.

  75. camilla j bradt (verified owner)

    excellent service & excellent product

  76. Guy Norberg (verified owner)

    worked very well.

  77. Jackie Henning

    Wanting to try these

  78. Tina D. Luehne

    helps me during pollen season

  79. Tina D. Luehne

    Helps me during polen season

  80. Eleada Siozios (verified owner)

    Helps me breathe better!

  81. Rebecca (verified owner)

    These are the products I used to take back in early 2000s. Still a good product. Glad I can still order them. Just one a day during extreme bouts of asthma and I feel 100% clear. Thanks!!

  82. nicolas gomez (verified owner)

    best product ever!! i love it!!!

  83. bethany peet

    I have copd, chronic bronchitis, emphysema and I can breathe with this

  84. Viola Bazzano

    Excellent product for reducing asthma like symptons.

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