PEPTIME® Stimulant 357 Magnum Caplets*

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200 mg to help restore wakefulness and increase your mental alertness

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250Mg Of Caffiene



Need to stay alert and focused?
PEPTIME® Energy has you covered.

Discover PEPTIME® Energy 357 Magnum – the safe and effective caffeine-based stimulant that gives you a jump-start when you need it most.

PEPTIME® Energy 357 Magnum will restore wakefulness and increase your mental alertness when you’re experiencing fatigue or drowsiness. With this well-known and long-trusted energy caplet, you can eliminate your coffee and cola intake when you need a high power boost. Each energy caplet contains the caffeine equivalent of a cup of coffee. Work, play, or study won’t need to be interrupted when you get tired – you can keep going without stopping to buy a soda, coffee, or energy drink. Take one after lunch to avoid the “food coma,” one after breakfast to eliminate the need for more coffee. Available over the counter or online, keep a supply of PEPTIME® Energy 357 Magnum handy at work and in the car.

Each caplet of PEPTIME® Energy 357 Magnum contains 200 mg of pharmaceutical-grade caffeine.

* Customers ordering 1,000 count bottle will receive two 500 count bottles.

PEPTIME Energy supplements are perfect for most diets

INCLUDING: Paleo, Keto, Whole30, Mediterranean,  Intermittent fasting, Noom, 1200 Calories, Low carb, No Carbs No Sugar, Endomorph Diet


17 reviews for PEPTIME® Stimulant 357 Magnum Caplets*

  1. Avatar Of Swift Jon

    SWIFT JON (verified owner)


  2. Avatar Of Stevejgrith65 Griffith

    Stevejgrith65 Griffith (verified owner)


  3. Avatar Of Dale Mayfield

    Dale Mayfield (verified owner)

    would like to order

  4. Avatar Of Dale Mayfield

    Dale Mayfield (verified owner)

    been using them for about 35 yrs , love them

  5. Avatar Of Val August

    Val August (verified owner)

    Great product

  6. Avatar Of Lovingsloft

    lovingsloft (verified owner)

    Order for years, always first class service. Place order, in mailbox 5 days. Every time. No store better than dmdpharm, period. Thank you

  7. Avatar Of Nina

    Nina (verified owner)

    I am 66 and take one every morning it’s like lifting the shade from my brain. I try to never be without them and they are so reasonably priced.

  8. Avatar Of Nina Hurst

    Nina Hurst (verified owner)

    They are great

  9. Avatar Of Steve Griffith

    Steve Griffith (verified owner)

    Enjoy this product

  10. Avatar Of Bartolo L Manzanares

    bartolo l manzanares

    love em gives me real energy

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