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PEPTIME® Stimulant 357 Magnum Caplets


200 mg caffeine supplement that helps restore alertness

3-count trial pack
500-count bottle
1000-count caplets
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Product Description

Discover PEPTIME® Energy 357 Magnum – the safe and effective caffeine-based stimulant that gives you a jump-start when you need it most.

PEPTIME® Energy 357 Magnum will restore wakefulness and increase your mental alertness when you’re experiencing fatigue or drowsiness. With this well-known and long-trusted energy caplet, you can eliminate your coffee and cola intake when you need a high energy boost. Each energy caplet contains the caffeine equivalent of a cup of coffee. Therefore, your work, play or study won’t need to be interrupted when you get tired – you can keep going without stopping to buy a soda, coffee or energy drink. Available over the counter or online, keep a supply of PEPTIME® Energy 357 Magnum handy at work and in the car.

Each caplet of PEPTIME® Energy 357 Magnum contains 200 mg of pharmaceutical-grade caffeine.

Customers ordering 1,000 count bottle will receive 2 500 count bottles.

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3-count trial pack, 500-count bottle, 1000-count caplets

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