Xtreme PEPTIME® Mini-White High Energy Pills*

(28 customer reviews)


200mg Caffeine Tablet with B Vitamins

6-count trial pack
3 boxes of packets (12 packets per box - 216 tablets)


More than just a generic non-prescription energy pill, this extreme energy pill helps restore alertness or wakefulness when you are experiencing fatigue or drowsiness. With 200 mg of high-grade caffeine, it contains approximately as much caffeine as two cups of coffee. This supplement also contains B vitamins. Taken as a substitute for coffee, tea and soft drinks, you’ll feel ready to get back at it – work, study or play.

Small and easy to swallow, this extreme energy pill is available online and over the counter. Keep a supply on-hand for the next time you need a boost of energy.

Each Xtreme PEPTIME® Mini-White non-prescription energy pill contains 200 mg of pharmaceutical-grade caffeine plus B vitamins.

*Customers ordering the 1,000-count bottle will receive five 200-count bottles.

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6-count trial pack, 3 boxes of packets (12 packets per box – 216 tablets)

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Reviews (28)

28 reviews for Xtreme PEPTIME® Mini-White High Energy Pills*

  1. Debbie S Murr

    Just ordered mine

  2. Leslie Frame

    Fast acting pill

  3. CindyEverly (verified owner)

    They are great 4 stars

  4. CindyEverly (verified owner)

    They are great

  5. CindyEverly (verified owner)

    I like them what more do you want me to say

  6. CindyEverly (verified owner)

    I like them

  7. Cindyeverly

    Good coffee substitute good energy

  8. Cindyeverly

    Good coffee substitute

  9. Cindyeverly


  10. Barbara

    Reliable, dependable and high quality company. I have been using Xtreme Peptime Mini to control migraines for 7 years since I do not drink coffee.

  11. Leslie Frame

    Gives good energy

  12. Leslie Frame

    Great for drowsiness

  13. Leslie Frame

    Increased energy

  14. Leslie Frame

    Love this product

  15. Leslie Frame

    Great pill

  16. Leslie Frame

    Very good energy pill works good

  17. Kelly Schroll

    Love this product I’ll be getting more

  18. LISA (verified owner)


  19. Leslie.frame (verified owner)

    Great energy pill

  20. David Benjamin

    Great product for increased energy

  21. Leslie.frame (verified owner)

    I like this product

  22. debbie (verified owner)

    Excellent & Great Price!!

  23. Jodie reihl

    They do give you alot of energy which helps me through my day

  24. Leslie frame

    I like this energy pill

  25. Leslie frame

    Great product

  26. Carol Jackson

    I like this product

  27. Amanda (verified owner)

    These pills are the perfect boost of energy to keep you going. I have ordered them before and will continue to order. They are just the right mix of caffiene and b vitamins to give you the energy you need. They do not make you crash later like so many other products on the market.

  28. Andtea Bow

    I was intoduced to the caffiene pills some time vack while driving from SC to Denver, CO. After driving soany hours you can only drink so much coffee. I found these to be a decent supplement for drinking coffee. They dont make your heart race nor do you get the jitters. I recommend them.

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