Pseudo EPHED Plus Berry


Nasal decongestant providing temporary relief from sinus congestion and pressure

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60mg pseudoephedrine: 1 2oz Shot
60mg pseudoephedrine: 4ct box


For highly effective treatment of sinus pressure, this 2-ounce shot is nationally recognized as providing maximum sinus relief without a prescription. DMD Pharmaceuticals’ Pseudo EPHED Plus® Berry non-drowsy nasal decongestant is available over the counter and online, providing sinus congestion sufferers the medicine they need without a visit to the doctor.

Pseudo EPHED Plus® Berry contains 60 mg of pseudoephedrine in liquid form as a convenient 2-ounce berry-flavored shot.

Whatever the cause, Pseudo EPHED Plus® Berry non-drowsy sinus medicine provides a fast, potent treatment for sinus sufferers seeking quick sinus pressure relief, temporary relief of nasal congestion.

* There is a purchase limit of 3 trays per day.

* There is a purchase limit of 9 trays per month.

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60mg pseudoephedrine: 1 2oz Shot, 60mg pseudoephedrine: 4ct box

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