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Headquartered in Noblesville, IN, DMD Pharmaceuticals has been developing quality pharmaceutical products since 1988. As one of the nation’s leaders in over-the-counter pharmaceuticals and dietary supplements, we have earned the trust of loyal customers nationwide.

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Our new PEPTIME energy products include innovative higher-strength caffeine formulas presented in two tablet serving sizes providing consumers with more options based on their needs.

DMD Pharmaceuticals products include the leading EPHED Plus Brands comprised of the #1 selling Ephed Plus asthma relief products for mild intermittent asthma symptoms, along with Pseudo Ephed Plus Nasal Decongestants offering temporary relief of sinus pressure and congestion.

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DMD Pharmaceuticals adheres to strict compliance standards and regulations put forth by the Food and Drug Administration as well as the Drug Enforcement Administration. DMD Pharmaceutical’s products are 3rd party tested in GMP compliant laboratories. Simply put, you can be assured that our products are safe and effective for their intended use.

Depend on DMD Pharmaceuticals now and in the future for the latest cutting-edge OTC Pharmaceutical and dietary supplement products. We take pride in making quality products for over 30 years and will never stop striving to provide the best products for our consumers. You can expect quality when you turn to DMD Pharmaceuticals for your OTC Pharmaceutical and dietary supplement needs.

Our products and customer service representatives are never more than a click or phone call away to assist you with all product questions and ordering needs.

The information contained on this website is based on the information provided to DMD Pharmaceuticals on the date of posting. This does not represent a legal guarantee that the information posted is accurate. The information listed may change from time to time as the laws of the states and municipalities vary.

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