About DMD

A division of Dickey Consumer Products, DMD Pharmaceuticals® has products in convenience stores throughout the United States. From energy products and dietary supplements to asthma relief, we offer a full range of safe, effective and convenient over-the-counter products, including EPHED Plus® for asthma relief and nasal decongestion, Xtreme PEPTIME® energy products and the EPHRINE Plus® Diet Aid. These are just a few of our most popular brands, but they all reflect our ongoing commitment to research and development of new products. And most of all, our commitment to you.

Headquartered in Noblesville, Ind., DMD has been developing quality pharmaceuticals since 1988. As one of the nation’s leaders in over-the-counter pharmaceuticals and dietary supplements, we have earned the trust of loyal customers nationwide. We’re constantly innovating – whether we’re introducing new diet aid products or looking for new generations of existing products like our PEPTIME® Energy Capsules, an evolution of the top-selling Xtreme PEPTIME® energy line. As always, we observe strict compliance with regulatory standards, so you can turn to DMD with confidence.

Look to DMD now – and in the future – for the latest in over-the-counter pharmaceuticals and dietary supplements. That’s what you can expect when you turn to DMD and the Dickey Consumer Products family. We’ve been making things better for more than 25 years. And the best is yet to come.