Ephed Plus EF® 350mg Caffeine Tablets


Vitamin B supplement with 350mg caffeine per two tablet dose for increased physical performance and mental focus. Or try one tablet at 175mg caffeine

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Ephed Plus EF 350mg Caffeine Tablets

Increase your efficiency with our latest energy product, Ephed Plus EF 350mg Caffeine Tablets, to provide you with the energy and mental focus you need. These pills each contain vitamin B6 and B12 supplements with a healthy dose of caffeine. This balanced formula helps activate parts of your brain that trigger focus, alertness, creativity, problem-solving & peak cognitive abilities. Combining the fast-acting energy with the boost in mental focus, you’re able to focus on weight training, running, yoga, sports, and all exercises. Give yourself 350mg of caffeine per 2 tablet serving, the boost you need to get your day off on the right foot. So skip the lattes, sugary energy drinks, or donut shop iced coffees. Ephed Plus EF 350mg Caffeine Tablets are sugar-free and will actually help you burn calories in a resting state.

Available online, you can keep a 6 tablet supply of Ephed Plus EF 350mg Caffeine Tablets around for when you need it most.

Each dose of Ephed Plus EF 350mg contains 350mg of pharmaceutical-grade caffeine per 2 tablet serving.

Ephed Plus EF 350mg Caffeine Tablets are perfect for most diets

INCLUDING: Paleo, Keto, Whole30, Mediterranean, DASH, Intermittent fasting, Noom, 1200 Calories, Low carb, No Carbs No Sugar, Endomorph Diet



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