4 Tips to Help Work from Home

Apr 1, 2020 | News

4 Tips to Help Work from Home

Apr 1, 2020 | News

Many people are finding themselves working from home these days. Or maybe you have a side hustle that you do at home. But it’s not just you in the house: you might have a kid or three running around, a spouse, a roommate or even a parent at home. That can make it hard enough to concentrate, and that’s before your phone starts buzzing, your social media tugs at your attention or your favorite streaming service wins the battle for your attention.

We know it can be difficult to focus on being productive, so here are four tips to being productive while working from home.


If you’re going to be able to tackle everything that the day (and your kids) throw at you, it’s important that you have enough energy to do it. That starts with getting enough sleep and it’s helped by getting your daily dose of caffeine to keep you going.

If you’re running on fumes, you can lose focus much faster, forget things easily, make more mistakes, and you might not perform up to your usual standard. So, do your best to get enough sleep before jumping on that conference call and give yourself a caffeine boost.

Give Yourself Space

Putting yourself in the proper headspace starts with putting yourself in the proper physical space. You might not have a home office, but you can still designate a certain place in the house as your productivity zone. That way, when you sit in that particular couch, go in that room or take a seat at the dining room table, you and everyone around you, know that you mean business.

Structure Your Day

It’s easy to assume that you’ll just knock out tasks as they arise, but when your attention is being pulled in many different directions, it’s not so easy to stay on track. That’s why making a schedule can help make sure you’re focusing on the right things at the right time. By allotting times for certain tasks, you are raising your own sense of urgency to which can help motivate you to work efficiently. Don’t forget to block out time for lunch, snacks and even some Me time to keep your head clear.

Boost Your Focus

We live in the most distracted society that has ever lived so it’s easier than ever to get pulled off course. That’s why giving yourself a boost in mental focus is a great way to meet those deadlines and collaborate efficiently while working from home. Caffeine is proven to give you an extra kick of focus, so try taking it in pill form to keep your workday on track.


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