Caffeine Pills Make You A Better Problem-Solver, Study Shows

Mar 24, 2020 | News

Caffeine Pills Make You A Better Problem-Solver, Study Shows

Mar 24, 2020 | News

Don’t you wish you could pop an NZT-48, the pill from the movie “Limitless,” and be able to see the world like Bradley Cooper’s character? Well, that drug isn’t available in real life (yet), but caffeine could be your next best option! Don’t believe me? Well, believe science.

Doctors from the University of Arkansas and the University of North Carolina collaborated on a study to understand how caffeine impacts the brain’s problem-solving capabilities. And, their results give hope to anyone who ever wanted to use more than 10 percent of their brainpower.

The doctors conducted a randomized placebo-controlled between-subject double-blind study. In English, that means neither the participants nor the researchers were aware of who took caffeine and who took a sugar pill. A random selection of people took 200mg of caffeine and the rest were given the placebo. And, after the results were gathered, the findings showed that the group who took the caffeine pill displayed “significantly enhanced problem-solving abilities.”

Caffeine’s cognitive benefits have been well studied, so we know that it helps improve alertness, focus, vigilance and motor performance. Now, we can add problem-solving to the list of things the world’s favorite psychotropic drug offers.

So, next time you’re studying for that big test, trying to complete that objective in a video game, or doing your own taxes, pop a caffeine pill and unlock your limitless potential!


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